COT Warlords

Knights, trolls, demons and more


Welcome to COT Warlords. This website is a web home for a group of nerds and geeks that enjoy dressing up in medieval costumes, play role playing games and share their adventures with the world. Sometimes we dress up in historically accurate costumes, like knights, archers, jesters, fair maidens, queens, kings, etc. Other times we like to spice things up and we use characters from the fantasy world like witches, wizards, elves, trolls, etc. We visit festivals, conventions, renaissance fairs, various workshops, and more. There we take pictures, record videos using remote controlled best drone for gopro camera and we just have lots of fun with similarly minded folks from all over the US.

COT Warlords is a name that we got from our World of Warcraft days. Playing WOW, and other role playing games, is actually how we all met. COT Warlords group currently consists of 5 core members, and around 10 members that join us from time to time. Dressing up and role playing is very fun. All COT Warlords had childhoods rich with Dungeons & Dragons games, countless hours lost playing WOW and other online massive multiplayer games, collecting figurines, the usual really. As we got older we kept to our hobbies, and actually expanded on them. Now we dress up as characters from our role playing adventures, and want to share with the world our creations.

Visiting renesaince fairs is one way how we get to show off our costumes. To make recordings of our outings we make use of obstacle avoidance drones. Reason for this is that people who are role playing as knights, archers, pikemen, etc. don’t really like modern tech. This rules out using a hand-held camera to record ourselves. Even drones are taken down by skilled spearmen, as you can see from the video above.

On we are planning on posting our costume designs, share our online gaming adventures with the world (a couple of us are Twitch streamers) and who knows, we might even post a couple of DIY projects for creating medieval costumes. They can be quite cheap if you know what materials to use and where to get them.

Who are you

You’re probably wondering now who exactly are the people behind COT Warlords. Well we are a small group of 5 guys and galls that got together through WOW raids and chat-rooms. This was back in the day when World of Warcraft was more popular.

I’m one of the older members of our group. Not older as in age, rather older as in I’ve been here the longest. My name is Kristina and I’m a web developer by day and by night you can find me designing and devising new COT Warlords characters and designs. I also run this website so if you have a beef with something on the website, you’ve got beef with me.

Hi, my name is Das and I’ve been with COT Warlords for a couple of years now, I think since early 2013. I dress up mostly as a warlock Spelock, but I will dress up as something else, depending on the event that we are visiting. In real life I work as an accountant, very exciting I know, but you have to make a living somehow.

Hi everyone. My name is Sherry and I’m a elven defender known as Kysegyl. That’s at least what I am known as here in the COT Warlords team. Normally I’m just a 30 year old gamer girl that spends her days working at Costco. In my free time I like to play Skyrim, Tomb Raider and recently Divinity: Original Sin. When I’m not at work or gaming I like to hang around with COT Warlords crew.

Hello, my name is Bernard, but people usually call me Bernie or Bern. My day job is that of a security guard at a local bank here in L.A. When I’m not working I like to play around with security tech like wireless security cameras, following drones, etc. My other interests include RPGs, designing and creating vintage knight costumes, which is the reason why I’m here at COT Warlords. I’m the resident knight Ishvara.

Hi there, my name is Joseph Stull and I’m a senior citizen when compared to the rest of the team here at COT Warlords. My day job is that of a construction worker, but I’m a jack-of-all-trades kinda guy. My skills come in handy when working on costumes, especially those of knights (manipulating armor is tricky). I’m usually dressed up as an archer.

Future plans and projects

In the near future we plan on visiting the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. It should be a fun filled weekend with beautiful costume designs, role playing in both real life and video games and we get to record new video and pictures for our media collection. Very soon I will be setting up a gallery with pictures of our own costume designs and also pics from the previous events that we visited.

Expect new posts at a slower pace at the moment, seeing how we are now completely focused on creating new costumes for the aforementioned Louisiana Renaissance Festival. After we finish with the work there, our plans are to start sharing with the world all our projects up until now. We’re talking DIY posts explaining in detail how we do what we do. I still have to talk with the rest of team on what we’re going to publish exactly. In either case, there’s some great things that are going to be happening soon, so make sure to follow our blog not to miss any of the updates.

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