COT Warlords

Knights, trolls, demons and more

About COT Warlords

COT Warlords is a website run by a group of nerds that got together through online role playing games. Initially we raided together in World of Warcraft and then afterwards we moved to DOTA. As the years went on, we met and started talking about introducing some of our characters from games into real life.

Ever since then, next to playing games, we’ve been designing and bringing costumes of our characters from games into real life. It’s sort of similar to cosplay, only instead creating costumes of popular characters we create them for our own characters from the games we play. Then we visit festivals, fairs, conventions, you name it. We like to show off, so we get around.

Name of our team, COT Warlords, is a World of Warcraft reference. Anyone remember Caverns of Time? Well that was the rallying point for our team in WOW. Hence we chose it as the name of our team and our website. We are COT Warlords, woooo, hooo. There is 5 of us in the group, but we get additional members from time to time for a particular event.